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  • Which camp do you fall in this time of year? The dad in this hilarious Staples ad? Or Lucy van Pelt here? From my unscientific polling, we are divided on this matter. If this question were put to a vote in the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence would have to break the tie. Let us… [Continue Reading]

    Is it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?
  • If you’re like me, you hold on to costume jewelry because you think eventually it will circle its way back into style. I mean, who knew brooches would become trendy again? My latest installment of a resurrected vintage piece involves part of a shell that came home with my grandfather’s enormous shell collection from his… [Continue Reading]

    Tricia Sauer Transforms My Vintage Piece to Chic Pendant Necklace
  • Going to Charleston, South Carolina feels like peeling back the layers of an onion, except without the tears. The more I go, the more I discover to love about the charming southern city. You first heard from Alison and me about the Holy City when we both went separately in the spring of 2013 in… [Continue Reading]

    Forty-Eight Hours in Charleston