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Got some inspiration to share with the posse?

  • When The Gracious Posse launched in 2013, one of my first posts was Is It Time to Refresh Your Stationery Wardrobe? Published under the category Posse Passions, I couldn’t wait to share my love of all things writing and inviting. To write and invite fashionably requires a stationery wardrobe. Think of your shoes: you wouldn’t dream of wearing flip-flops to… [Continue Reading]

    Correspondence Cards ~ Your Stationery Wardrobe Essential
  • After the welcome Spring of February, we are curious to see what March has up her sleeve. So many April flowers are in bloom already, I wonder whether my peonies will make an appearance by month’s end. Speaking of appearances, here are several that we are looking forward to this month. Lent Begins why not take… [Continue Reading]

    Welcome, March 2017!
  • Happy Fat Tuesday! Usually on this day I contemplate what I will do for Lent? which starts tomorrow. Will I give up drinking wine and spirits? No. How about foregoing sweets? Nope. How about bread? Again, no. Although the discipline and sacrifice of those activities remind me of Jesus’ suffering, I want something more meaningful. True to… [Continue Reading]

    Try 40 Days of Letters as Lenten Practice