As I was visiting Atlanta for the Newlyweds‘ reception, my husband went to church. The preacher, Ann Dieterle, enlightened the parishioners about Carbon Fast 2014, sponsored by the Anglican Communion Environmental Network, as an alternative to traditional ways folks tend to observe Lent, which started yesterday. You know the musings/resolutions, “I’m giving up . . .

red wine
white wine
wine during the week
sugar in my coffee (mine for a few years)

Some put a positive spin to their Lenten discipline, declaring they will . . .

juice daily
exercise daily
walk daily
pray daily
meditate daily
read the Bible or other Lenten study daily
practice moderation
practice meditation

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above, many, like my husband and me, have been searching for a new way to reflect on the 40 days of Lent. Serendipitously Reverend Dieterle’s message arrived via LDB just in the nick of time, in fact just as I was putting sugar in my coffee yesterday morning, Ash Wednesday.

Carbon Fast 2014 aspires to inspire us to

Love the earth just as much as God does.

From these words by the remarkable Archbishop Desmond Tutu has sprung a movement to get us thinking beyond ourselves.

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Dividing the 40 days of Lent into 5 weeks, Carbon Fast 2014 provides a theme for each week

Weekly Themes for Carbon Fast via

When I read the themes, I thought, this is right up The Gracious Posse’s alley. We have written about these themes in the past in our Think Pink ~ Live Green category.  The Communion Environmental Network of Anglicans (Episcopal Church in the USA) has prepared this 40-day Guide to observing Carbon Fest, which you can download from its website to print and fold into a handy reference. 

Carbon Fast 40-day guide Weekly Themes for Carbon Fast via

 Carbon Fast 40-day guide p2Carbon Fast 40-day guide Weekly Themes for Carbon Fast via

This schedule suggests we Spread the Word today.

Tell a friend or family member that you are taking the Carbon Fast and encourage them to join you. If you are on Facebook, visit and Like

Alison and I have decided to take the Carbon Fast 2014, and we would love for you to join us.

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While this Guide is a Christian document for a Christian season and contains scripture passages from the Bible, adopting a 40-day discipline to love our planet as much as God (or YHWH or Allah) does (to paraphrase Desmond Tutu above) should appeal to people of any religious persuasion. Let us know if you decide to take this journey and embrace Carbon Fast 2014. It’s not too late to start!

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