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  • If you’re like me, you hold on to costume jewelry because you think eventually it will circle its way back into style. I mean, who knew brooches would become trendy again? My latest installment of a resurrected vintage piece involves part of a shell that came home with my grandfather’s enormous shell collection from his… [Continue Reading]

    Tricia Sauer Transforms My Vintage Piece to Chic Pendant Necklace
  • Going to Charleston, South Carolina feels like peeling back the layers of an onion, except without the tears. The more I go, the more I discover to love about the charming southern city. You first heard from Alison and me about the Holy City when we both went separately in the spring of 2013 in… [Continue Reading]

    Forty-Eight Hours in Charleston
  • At the top of my favorite things about this season is summer reading. Give me a book, some outdoor shade, a body of water (from pool to ocean) and a cool drink, and I am one happy lady. At the end of each summer I have a tall stack of books to prove my love.… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Financial Mystery Writer, Frances Aylor